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The ultimate spa experience at home

Simple Goods' hair and body care products and luxury towels are designed for everyday little luxuries that allow you to create your own spa area at home.

When you use our natural care products and wrap yourself in our soft towels, you transport yourself to a world of relaxation and renewal.

Natural and mild hair care

Formulated to restore life and shine to your hair, our hair care range is suitable for all hair types.

Moisturizing with every use: Keeps your hair hydrated and healthy.

Softening properties: Transforms your hair into silky tresses.

Natural shine: For a radiant look anytime.

Vegan choice: Natural ingredients and sustainable without compromise.

With our products, it is not only the hair that is pampered, but also your senses, as they come with an invigorating fresh scent of citrus.

Emollient and moisturizing

Our body care range, including hand and body scrubs, lotions and soaps, is enriched with rich and nourishing ingredients. They combine deep cleansing with luxurious hydration.

Absorbs quickly: Say goodbye to dryness and welcome soft, supple skin.

Natural fragrance: Only the best from nature, with essential oils that revitalize both body and soul.

Create a real spa experience at home

Harmony & Terry towels

Nice towels

Make bath time extra special with Simple Goods luxury towels.

Ultimate softness: Feel enveloped in clouds with our beautiful, soft towels.

Long-lasting quality: The towels stay soft wash after wash.

Exclusive touch: Create a bathing experience with accessories that corresponds to a five-star spa experience.

With our products, you can transform your bathroom into a personal spa and pamper both your body and soul. So allow yourself to slow down, light some candles and enjoy a round of pampering with our luxury towels.

Give yourself the treatment you deserve. Indulge all your senses.